Has Science Outsmarted The Diamond?

Even some experts can’t tell the difference and now millions of people are wondering if their rocky (and ridiculously expensive) relationship with diamonds has hit a dead end…

An online search for “diamond myths” pulls up dozens of eye-opening articles from the Washington Post, Forbes and the BBC (to name just a few). Read any one of them before making a diamond jewelry purchase and we guarantee that you’ll think twice before shelling out big money for that brilliant white stone. Included in the shocking statements: the “ancient tradition” of diamonds representing romance is less than a century old and the standard “rule” of spending two months salary on a diamond engagement ring was created by hucksters at an ad agency!

It sounds outrageous, but it’s true.

In fact, most of the diamond “traditions” that we have all accepted as luxury gospel are nothing more than thoroughly modern marketing inventions of the diamond mining monopoly. Maybe you already knew some of diamonds “dirty secrets “or maybe it’s all news to you. Either way, once you consider those facts, it makes perfect sense that men and women all over the world are discovering an alternative that possesses all of a diamond’s appeal without any of the drawbacks.

DiamondAura Infinity Ring

The Stauer DiamondAura Infinity Ring:
Authors of Jewelry and Gems – The Buying Guide wrote that process used to create DiamondAura delivers, “The best diamond simulation to date, and even some jewelers have mistaken these stones for mined diamonds.”

Called DiamondAura, the scientifically-made stone has romantics and luxury experts all over the world wondering if the days of diamond dominance are numbered.

One of those experts is Michael Bisceglia, President of Stauer. As the head of a leading luxury jewelry retailer that has sold millions of carats of genuine rubies, emeralds and sapphires, Bisceglia had his doubts about the scientifically crafted stones. That is, until he was put to the test by a European colleague.

“He asked me to pick out the DiamondAura from a collection of natural diamonds,” said Bisceglia. “And nine times out of ten, I got it dead wrong. Even with a jeweler’s loupe.”

The new science of luxury

The quest to create stunning transparent stones has obsessed men of science for centuries. Brilliant minds tried repeatedly to recreate the look and feel of natural diamonds. Success always eluded them. But in 1973, a top secret group of Russian scientists finally made a breakthrough that changed the luxury world forever.

While working on a more affordable and efficient ruby substitute for use in lasers, they stumbled on an innovative technique for “superheating” ingredients. The process created the incredibly high temperatures of about 5000 degrees Fahrenheit and intense pressure using rare earth elements.

Why was this so significant? Because instead of waiting millions of years and digging hundreds of feet into the Earth for Mother Nature’s finest stones, scientists were able to build their own, in the lab… in weeks instead of eons.

Guilt-free gemstones

Not digging for precious stones has other perks. Every DiamondAura comes without any of the environmental, ethical or political concerns that continue to plague the mined diamond industry. Traditional diamond mining involves massive drilling equipment and armies of hard laborers. But the creation of DiamondAura relies strictly on science.

Mining is a gamble. Finding a steady supply of consistent, quality stones underground is almost impossible. But by taking complete control in the lab, scientists ensure that integrity is never an issue. The formula and ingredients behind every DiamondAura are precision-designed to create the purest stone possible. Inferior formulations can result in milky or cloudy stones. Only the clearest, colorless crystals become DiamondAura.

Once heated, the lab-created rough stones are treated almost exactly the same way as a rough mined diamond. Expert cutters and polishers transform the rough into a beautifully brilliant faceted work of art. The same centuries-old techniques, tools and traditions are used to create a work of art that transforms every ray of light into a fiery rainbow.

Is there such a thing as too perfect?

The final result is hard to describe. Authors of Jewelry and Gems – The Buying Guide wrote that process used to create DiamondAura delivers, “The best diamond simulation to date, and even some jewelers have mistaken these stones for mined diamonds.”

Think about that for a moment: even some experts can’t tell DiamondAura from a mined diamond! Side-by-side, both stones are nearly visually identical and only a trained eye with jeweler’s equipment can tell for sure. Even more impressive is the primary distinction that top gemologists say gives a DiamondAura away: It looks too much like a flawless D color stone.

Both stones are transparent and highly refractive, but the lab-created DiamondAura lacks some of the subtle flaws and discolorations of a mined diamond. It also possesses a brighter fire and flashes more color than a mined diamond. Good gemstones should also be very hard and DiamondAura is as hard as a sapphire-the second hardest stone in the world. You don’t have to be a style expert to wonder, if the objective is to achieve an optically flawless look, why choose anything other than perfection?

Judge for yourself

DiamondAura is harder to find than a diamond. Last year over 90 million carats of new diamonds came on the market-but only about 1 million carats of the ingenious DiamondAura came to market. There is no way words can substitute for a real world comparison. You really need to see DiamondAura for yourself to get the full effect. Luckily, luxury jewelry retailer Stauer is currently offering first-time customers the chance to get a massive 8 carat Infinity DiamondAura Rings for under $100. You can visit the site or call 1-800-575-6468 for more details. The comparison will astound you.