Urgent: Diamond Jewelry Recall

Experts warn that millions of diamonds may be “romantically defective” when compared this sparkling scientific creation

It’s no secret that women love natural diamonds. The problem is, they have been convinced (and so have men) that the only way to express love is to offer the woman of your dreams one of those crystal clear beauties. But when even the skimpiest solitaires sell for as much as $1200, it’s time to reconsider your relationship… with diamonds.

If you’ve recently overpaid only to be underwhelmed you might want to send it back. That’s because now you can do bolder. You can do brighter. Thanks to online jewelry and watch retailer Stauer, the amazing lab-created scientific jewelry advancement known as DiamondAura® is available to everyone at incredibly low prices.

Generally, if you want to make a romantic impression, you’ve got to go big. Cute doesn’t cut it. You want your love to be wowed, right? And if you’re a billionaire with money to burn, then maybe that’s easy for you… and your wallet. But for everyone else?

Now you can get the luxury look of large-carat diamonds for a fraction of the price. Stauer’s ingenious DiamondAura process involves the use of rare minerals heated to incredibly high temperatures of nearly 5000˚F. After cutting and polishing, scientists create a faultless marvel that’s optically brighter and clearer with even more color and fire than a “D” flawless diamond. What’s even more impressive is that DiamondAura even still retains all of the classic specifications, including color, clarity, cut and carat weight and is hard enough to cut glass.

You get the look of natural stones, without the outrageous cost. According to the book Jewelry and Gems – The Buying Guide the technique used in DiamondAura offers, “The best diamond simulation to date and even some jewelers have mistaken these stones for mined diamonds.” It may take a complex laboratory process to craft these scientifically spectacular creations, but the affect it will have on your bank account is simple. This is your chance to give her one truly impressive piece of jewelry while experiencing the luxury of money in the bank.