King Solomon’s beautiful secret

From ancient Greek historians to Renaissance adventurers to Victorian archeologists, the legendary mines of King Solomon have inspired both scholars and treasure hunters for centuries.  A fascinating figure, King Solomon is renowned for the wisdom with which he governed, his prolific writings (he composed over 4,000 proverbs and songs) and above all, the splendor of his kingdom.  Extravagant is an understatement. He allegedly had 700 wives and an additional 300 concubines. During his reign he vastly expanded his empire, building magnificent palaces, fortresses and temples, including the first to house the Arc of the Covenant.  Boats carrying gold, silver, ivory, monkeys, peacocks, sandalwood and of course precious stones all arrived from faraway lands – but the question remained, where did all of these exquisite riches come from?

royalCourt_Chrysocolla_200wAccording to the Bible, Solomon’s servants uncovered many of these treasures in Ophir – yet the location of the fabled Ophir has remained an elusive mystery. The quest for Ophir and the King’s legendary mines has become timeless, a feat revived by each passing generation. The location of the mines has been debated for 3,000 years, from the exotic Far East to deep in the heart of Africa.  But in 2013, a research team found convincing evidence linking mines in Israel’s Timna Valley to King Solomon’s era.  And within those mines lies and one of nature’s most exquisite stones – a vibrant blue and green gem we now call chrysocolla.

Chrysocolla’s exotic beauty has mesmerized gemstone connoisseurs for centuries. Chrysocolla’s brilliant, variegated colors reflect the play of sunlight on the sea; with bright blue and black veins giving the appearance of rivers and terrain, as though they are tiny Earths as seen from space.  Even among his vast riches, King Solomon highly prized chrysocolla’s unique, regal qualities – according to legend, God told the king that the rich, vibrant blue and green colors of chrysocolla are a reminder of His view looking down upon the earth’s surface from the heavens.

ChrysocollaChrysocolla’s brilliant exterior is only part of its alluring charms. The stone is associated with properties of healing, tranquility, peace, intuition, patience and unconditional love. In ancient Egypt it was known as the “wise stone” for its calming properties and ability to promote creative thinking in difficult situations. Two of Egypt’s most illustrious figures, Cleopatra and Nefertiti, are said to have carried the stone wherever they went. Chrysocolla’s charms did not go unnoticed by the Romans either – Roman Emperor Nero covered the chariot track with ground green chrysocolla powder instead of customary sand to give his chariot teams a competitive advantage.

An inspiring, timeless gemstone in both its aesthetic beauty and its inherent properties, chrysocolla makes the perfect accessory. Delicately mined by hand, these gemstones are so valuable that the most extreme care is taken to dig out the chrysocolla without harming the whole deposit. However, owning a piece of this striking natural wonder doesn’t have to break the bank.

26355_001_ChrysocollaStauer’s magnificently enhanced Earth & Sea Chrysocolla Necklace is comprised of 24 chrysocolla ovals that meet at a large, resplendent teardrop. The 18″ strand boasts 325-carats of enhanced, vivid blue and green brilliance. We well know the worth of ancient, beauty and we’re proud to bring you such wondrous gemstones from inner earth that reflects the grandeur of the jewel that is our home in the cosmos. The real secret of Solomon can now be yours and at a price that’s down to Earth.

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