“Gem of the Century” is 1,000 times rarer than diamonds!

This could be your last chance to acquire this rare stone, found only one place on earth, in the shadow of Africa’s Mt. Kilimajaro…

Tanzanite is fast becoming one of the world’s most coveted gemstones and it’s disappearing fast. But this superstar of luxury jewelry had to wait millions of years before it was ready for its close up! The ancient eruptions of Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro created a unique set of conditions that led to the formation of tanzanite deep below the surface of the savannah. It sat patiently for over 585 million years until fate and electricity introduced it to the world.

Stauer Karatu Tanzanite Ring

Stauer Karatu Tanzanite Ring

According to Maasai legend, a powerful lightning strike set the African plains on fire, heating the stones below the surface and uncovering the beautiful secret. Maasai tribesmen snatched up the shimmering violet-blue gemstones and celebrated.

But it wasn’t until 1967, that the Tanzanian people shared their secret with the rest of the world. Maasai tribesmen showed their discovery to fortune hunter Manuel de Souza. The enterprising tailor from Goa knew instantly that the stone was something special and set out to find more. Unfortunately, a treasure so stunning couldn’t be kept quiet for long. Soon the Merelani Hills were crawling with prospectors, miners, businessmen and thieves. The “tanzanite rush” was on!

No one knew exactly what this beautiful stone was or what to do with it… until the world’s most famous jeweler set two rings that had been crafted from de Souza’s original find. He recognized a superstar when he saw one, christened the incredible blue stone “Tanzanite,” and introduced it to the world as “the most beautiful blue stone to be discovered in 2,000 years.” That jeweler sold those rings for thousands of dollars, but there are wonderful values to be had on tanzanite if you search hard enough.

Today, tanzanite demand shows no signs of slowing down. For centuries, the “Big Four” — diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires — ruled the gem world. But when tanzanite debuted in 1967, its stunning violet-blue color took the luxury world by storm. Unlike those other stones, which are mined all around the world, tanzanite can be found in only one place on Earth: in the remote Merelani Hills in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa.

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Combine its unique visual properties with its remarkable rarity and there is no wonder that experts have dubbed it, “The Gemstone of the Century.” In recent years, top-quality tanzanite gems have fetched higher prices at auction than rubies, emeralds or diamonds! But unfortunately, the rush for this stunning stone can’t last forever because the tanzanite supply is extremely limited.

No one can say for sure, but some experts have estimated that tanzanite supplies may only last for less than 25 years. To compare, there are enough diamonds to last for hundreds of years. Once the last stone is pulled from the ground, tanzanite will be gone for good. As a result, gem dealers and retailers are scrambling to secure their own supplies before they’re gone. The Tanzanian government strictly regulates mining of the gemstone and nobody knows for sure when the opportunity to buy tanzanite will end.

But many of them are also happy to charge consumers as if the mines were already empty. Some high-end boutiques reportedly charge as much as $2,500 per carat! Depending on where you shop, it can easily seem like fears about the future of tanzanite are sending prices into the stratosphere.

Thankfully, not all jewelers are using speculation and ridiculous pricing to keep tanzanite out of reach. There’s even one that has managed to LOWER the price of this incredibly rare and coveted gemstone! Stauer is an online and catalog retailer that offers what they call “Luxury for Less.” So, take for example Stauer’s Karatu Tanzanite Ring. Sure, your jaw might drop just seeing the piece blaze with the light from over one carat of tanzanite set in .925 sterling silver, but you’re bound to be even more impressed when you see it can be yours for this exclusive price.

With retailers like Stauer making it possible to claim this rare stone for so little, it seems that those first Maasai warriors may have finally found their match. If you’re hoping to claim your very own Tanzanite treasure, we suggest you act now, as no one knows when the supply will run dry…